Vetiveria zizanioides

Vetiver is regulating, strengthening, relaxing and grounding. In manu cultures Vetiver is considered the ‘Oil Of Tranquility’. It is used as a fixative in the perfume industry and said to support metabolic function, poor appetite, weight-loss and malabsorption. Vetiver is used to help regulate hormone function and is ideal during menopause in particular as it can help reduce the symptoms of hot flushes. In skincare it can assist in strengthening and revitalising the skin. It is a fantastic choice for physical and emotional burnout which can be the result of total exhaustion. Vetiver is relaxing and ideal for those experiencing stress, insomnia, anxiety or depression. It is often referred to as the oil to reconnect us to mother earth and for those feeling like they need grounding and centering.

Vetiver Pure Essential Oil - 10ml (Certified Organic)